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Each box is tailored to you based on your favourite reads recommended by readers at waypoint books.

”Highly recommended, Hannah has excellent knowledge and unrivalled enthusiasm. Would definitely use again 😃


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Half Moon

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What people say?

“I love reading broadly across genres. I used to say I’d read anything. There’s always something new in the Full Moon Box, Hannah never recommends the same book twice (though I sometimes wish she would!) and I love all the Gothic and Grimdark Fantasies I’ve discovered through Waypoint.”
“It’s a little present from me to me, except it’s actually a surprise and it’s always exciting to see those boxes on my doorstep!” - Lizzie, Oxford
“The Full Moon Box is so much more reasonable than other boxes I’ve seen, you’re getting two books each month and they’re tailored to your tastes. I love that. Plus, I get access to British covers. They just look nicer than some of the American ones.”

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